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Rigo MP runs school fee awareness drive in district

The Elementary and Primary schools in Gabagaba and Kemabolo villages in the Rigo District were visited by their local MP Lekwa Gure, in his school fee awareness program yesterday

With the changes to the Tuition Fee Free, and the roll out of the Government Tuition Fee subsidy Policy, the MP decided that it would be best to let parents know of what they would be expected to pay.

“Because of the change in Policy (TFF Policy), we thought we would assist in the Primary level. That’s when the Education Department makes the demarcation that districts are responsible for Elementary Schools and Primary Schools,” MP Gure said.

With the large number of Elementary and Primary schools in the District, MP Gure notified parents of the components they will pay, but more importantly, the components that will be covered by the Rigo District Development Authority.

“With the Primary component of K40.26 for each primary student, the Rigo district Development Authority will pay K18.26, and parents will pay K22.00,” MP Gure explained.

“As for Primary school students, the education board as allocated K297.00, the National Government will pay K158.90, and the Rigo district Development Authority will pay K49.30, and the parents will pay K59.40.”

The local MP also explained that parents will be given enough time to pay their children’s fee components.

He assured the people that money allocated in the District’s Education Budget would be accounted for and used in areas such as this.

The awareness will continue on as the Rigo MP visits Allen John’s Primary School and Kalo Primary school, in the Hula village.

By Benjamin Manimbi – Cadet Reporter – EMTV News – Port Moresby

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