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Returning to the Land for Sustenance

The scorching 2pm Port Moresby sun was nothing to worry about as mothers were busy on what they do daily; toiling the land not far from the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

EMTV Online spotted the gardeners today (Wednesday, August 9, 2017) as they were busy planting, watering and digging at the backyard of Fincorp building near the National Parliament.

As 2017 National Elections slowly winds-down and discussions of politics is bombarding the media, social media and also taking centre stage in discussions in various gatherings across the country, most Papua New Guineans have already returned to toiling the land for sustenance of their daily lives.

Although they do not own any of them, unused lands within the perimeters of the city have been put to good use as the unemployed cultivate them productively. The land is made arable and taro, corn, aibika, bananas, lettuce and Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa) are supplied to the city markets.

For PNG, Agriculture remains the core activity that provides for people’s livelihoods even in the big city like Port Moresby. It is also the biggest employer of almost 72 percent of the total population in 2014.

Statistics show that agricultural (arable) land in PNG has increased since 2004. This may be due to various factors like population growth, food production and others, yet for the agricultural industry; it is a positive growth as more people turn to toil the land.

If the new government can use the trend which people are taking to sustain their living, it is a strength it can embark on to help its people’s livelihoods.

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