Research Underway To Get Eruption Date

Research is underway to get the actual date of the massive volcano eruption which caused darkness to fall over the northern part of Papua New Guinea provinces several hundred years ago.

Recently, a team of interested researchers from Australia visited Long Island in the Madang Province to collect samples of charcoal exposed in the volcanic deposits.


Team Leader Dr. Stewart Fallon will process the samples at the radio carbon dating laboratory in Canberra Australia.


Results are expected in the next few months of the actual eruption with a more improved date changes in the prehistoric agricultural activity at the Kuk World Heritage site near Mt Hagen as well.


The eruption was regarded as one of the largest in the world in the last six hundred years. 


An improved actual date of eruption will give scientists a clear idea of how long the “taimtudak”, or darkness stories, have been passed down from generation to generation, and re-write the history books of Papua New Guinea.

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