Public Transport System Overhaul

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Transport Minister, Wesley Nukundj, announced today that the department is currently looking into improving public transport services.

With so many issues affecting PMV owners and public transport users, plans are afoot to put an end to the troubles.

He said, for years, taxis and bus drivers have caused inconvenience to students and workers, using public services.

With PNG hosting the APEC Summit in 2018, Ministers Nukundj said there is no better time to fix our public transport services, to match first world countries.

Nukundj said other issues taken into account in the plan are traffic rules, car registration, and dealership; licensing and road user fees.

The Minister said one long term goal of the Transport department is to implement electronic service systems.

Expressions of interest will be advertised for interested companies willing to run the countries public transport services.

Godwin Eki

has been a Sports Reporter since he started work with Media Niugini Limited in 2013, under News and Production. Coming from a background in Nursing and Paramedics from Queensland, Australia, he finds it interesting covering sports from the community level right through to the regional level. Hoping to one day tap into reporting on PNG politics, economics, environmental issues and other challenges Papua New Guineans face, he’s also covered stories on a variety of topics other than sports. His philosophy is: Believe, Act and Pursue.

Godwin Eki

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