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July 15, 2020

Public Accounts questions K830 million over expenditure

The country’s recurrent budget followingthe 2008 financial year exceeded by K830 million.

This was highlighted yesterday duringthe second hearing ofthe Public Accounts Committee’s inquiry intothe Auditor General’s report for the Financial Year 2008.

The Report highlighted over expenditure when development budget funds were transferred tothe recurrent budget without approval from Parliament.

The K830 million over expenditure was one ofthe first items to be questioned.

Finance and Treasury were told to answer how this could have happened. Treasury Secretary Simon Tosali said he was surprised atthe over expenditure.

Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenouc said this is not a new thing andthere continues to be over expenditures. Not following due processes, he said, was a problem that contributes to this every year.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Planning Dr Peter Kora was questioned over K5 million allocated to oversee DSIP Audits inthe 2012 Budgets, butthen diverted to his department.

Chairman Hickey told Dr Kora thatthe unauthorised transfer of allocated funds is criminal and goes againstthe constitution ofthe country.

He toldthe withnesses to tighten up process withintheir departments to be compliant withthe law.

The PAC has already labelledthe Auditor General’s Report ofthe 2008 as incompetent.

Cedric Patjole, National EMTV News


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