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By Samantha Solomon

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Mama Bank and Tari Pori District Development Authority yesterday to roll out financial inclusion and revolving credit scheme for the rural informal Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) in Tari Pori district of Hela Province.

The signing ceremony was officiated by Prime Minister James Marape, his wife, together with Tari Pori District Development Authority and the Mama Bank team.

Lady Marape said “they had introduced to me their financial inclusion training programs where I took it with both hands to Tari.”
“Not only that, I was able to take the best trainers from Mama Bank to Tari to train the mothers”
“We extended opening the account as well.
“I believe it was a small step in the right direction.
“We were able to train 400 mothers and opened over 100 accounts” she said.
She further encouraged fellow politician’s wives to come forward and partner with her to carry out this program in all the districts in the country to help the women and girls.

Chief Executive Officer for Women’s Micro bank Gunanidhi Das said “We at mama bank believe that achieving gender equality and empowerment goals depends not only on expanding financial services, but on the specific type of financial services that are delivered in various contexts to people from different backgrounds and by different types of models of programs”
“When we talk about financial inclusion services it’s not just open the account” he said.

He thanked the Prime Minister for the visitation to the bank and also the partnership that they have with the district.

Prime Minister James Marape said he has allocated one million kina to mama bank from the DSIP funds last year and he will do the same for this year.

“Announce the support of women’s Micro bank and how national government through commerce ministry will look into partnering with Mama bank” Marape said.

“I ask all mothers in the country to open an account with mama bank when they expand out to districts” he added.

He encouraged women and girls throughout the country to save up with mama bank and have some savings for themselves.

Marape also announced that an office has already been created for Mama bank in the district to accommodate them to serve the women of Tari Pori District.

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