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Project to Benefit More than 15,000 Villagers in Barola

Barola village, in the Kamano 1 area of Eastern Highlands Province, is putting more effort in making more changes in the community after launching its first 20,000 capacity coffee nursery in September last year, CIC reports.

According to a report received from Ms Cora Moabi of CIC, the Barola community which is infamous for notorious activities in the past years, is slowly rebuilding public confidence and that bad reputation has not stopped them to venture into other community development projects.

EMTV Online was told that last Thursday, April, a team of officials from the Coffee Industry Corporation and the Office of Coastal Fisheries Development Agency visited the village to see the progress of coffee development and a fish project initiated early this year.

It is understood the community received training from the Aiyura Fisheries office in the first quarter of 2017, especially on how to dig fish ponds and piping of inlet water and outlet of excessive water.

Barola coffee cooperative leader, Mine Miefa, said so far 22 fish ponds have been completed, with each pond project contracted to families and youth in the community.

“I am grateful that with coffee being the fundamental point of change in this community, we are seeing other positive projects coming in to encourage us to continue on from where we started,” said Miefa.

Mine thanked Office of Coastal fisheries Development Agency for providing financial assistance through CIC that has kick started the fish pond project to support its income generating activities.

The report confirms a water supply system constructed by the community approximately three kilometres from the Barola Mountain to the village, which will supply continuous water to all the 22 fish ponds. The construction which is expected to be completed before the end of April, and will see 20 water taps installed in the vicinity of the village for people to access clean water at their doorsteps.

Executive Director of Coastal Fisheries Development Agency, Joshua Ryan, expressed satisfaction with the level of community effort in the fish project in Barola.

“You are the first community in Eastern Highlands to receive assistance towards such projects and I can see community oneness in the way you are operating.”

CIC General Manager for industry operations, Steven Tumae, thanked the Coastal Fisheries Development Agency for partnering with CIC to deliver this livelihood project to the Barola community.

He said farmers in Barola have shown great enthusiasm and this is demonstrated in the changes seen in the community today.

Training on inland fish farming management techniques and producing fish meals using local food has commenced this week and will continue for another week.

Source: CIC Media

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