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March 31, 2020
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Prime Minister Marape Outlines Rationale In Cabinet Reshuffle

In a statement released today, Prime Minister James Marape has outlined his reasoning behind the reshuffle of his cabinet.

The Prime Minister has said that Government needs a cohesive and coherent mindset and says that the continual differences of opinions are slowing the decision-making processes needed for change and development.

Marape making references to the nations citizens stating that most wanted a shift from the PNC influence that had permeated through politics the last few years.

“I am sacrificing my relationship with PNC and more so leaders I am close with but this is nothing tribal or personal but a national strategy to stabilize political numbers to get me and government security and cohesiveness to do what is right for our country.”

In December, there is a planned performance review of Ministers and Departmental Heads, with decommissions set, if performance is below expectation.

“But for the meantime Ministers are expected to do their job. For the interest of PNGeans, all Ministers have their Key Performance Indicators and their performance will be measured against those KPIs going forward.”

“I am not here to be a professional PM planning to serve long in this Office, but to start a chain of changes that will progress our nation to a better future. And so what ever time I have, I want to start by growing the economy by empowering Papua New Guineans to grow their own businesses.” Marape says.

He is adamant that the fight against corruption and systematic waste and complacency must be stamped out, a task he has assigned to the various ministers, in a bid to grow the economy and ensure economic independence.

“Irrespective of ethnicity, religion or gender, we want to encourage our citizens go into businesses harnessing from our own natural resources. That’s why we partnering our banks where Government will park credit guarantee funds (K200m every year) to assist PNGeans to grow businesses.”

The Prime Minister ending by saying “Among everything else all my ministers are tasked to do, this is my anchor of taking back PNG, where we will no child left behind in the process we will make PNG the richest black Christian nation on earth. In a nation blessed with gold, gas, copper, nickel, oil, timber, fish, tourism, agriculture, culture, massive land, and Human Resources, we can do it.”

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