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Port Moresby Women’s Softball

The Bisini Diamonds in Port Moresby kicked off Round 2 competition matches over the weekend.


Still leading the ladder in the A and B Grade, Stingers will be up against tougher competition come next weekend.

In round 2 of competition at the Bisini Diamonds, the Women’s B grade saw the top 4 teams battling to keep their spots.


While Wantoks A and B grade were on bye, Stingers, at the top of the ladder walked through a win over bears, 8 runs to 2.


While Yokomo batted a 17-run gap, whipping out a bruised Gazelle side, 21 runs to 4.


In the other B-grade matches, Admiralty and Chebu both stumped out Wolves and the United Sisters respectively.


And in the Women’s A-Grade matches, Wolves and Yokomo put up a fight for a win, but went down narrowly to a strong Gazelle and Admiralty.


In the clash of the titans at the end of the day, Bears held Stingers to a Nil-all draw to wrap up game 9.


After game 9 of round 2, in the women’s B-grade, Admiralty sits at 4th place with 35 points, Chebu at 3rd place with 38 points behind Yokomo at 2nd place with 39 points, and Stingers leading the pool with 42 points.


And in the Women’s A-grade, Admiralty will be looking for a win this weekend to climb up the ladder, while Gazelle and Stingers will be fighting to be at the top of the ladder this weekend.

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