Porebada Primary School Under Threat of Collapsing

The classrooms and staff houses at Porebada Primary school in Central Province are under threat of collapsing due to the increase in sea level.


Since over flooding last year, most of the sand has been washed away from the foundation of these buildings causing the buildings to lean one side.

Porebada is a Motuan village in the Kairuku-Hiri District of Central Province. It has as estimated population of 10 000 people.


The Primary school was established in the 1950’s and is a feeder school to the nearby Redscar High School. 


It currently has over 1000 students and 22 teachers.


These staffs’ houses are the most affected when the tide is high and when the sea level goes up to two metres.


This often causes class disruption and students are sent home. 


The school board has raised this concern to the concerned authorities in the Central Provincial Government but there is still no positive respond. 


Hence, the school is going ahead in constructing a higher fence in the hope to minimize the already damaged buildings. 


The school’s library is currently been renovated and a new PA system was installed last year.

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