Polye Announces 2014 Budget

Treasury Minister, Don Polye, announced today that the 2014 National Budget so far, is in order.


The Treasurer approved 6 provincial budgets this morning at parliament, totaling over one billion kina.

Mr. Polye reiterated to the governors and provincial administrators, the government’s agenda of developing the capacity of all the 600 plus LLGs in the 24 provinces in the country.


The 6 provincial governments that presented their 2014 provincial budgets for approval were Morobe, Gulf, Western, Madang, Enga and Simbu.


Respective governors and provincial administrators gave brief reports of the 2013 budget allocations and its carry-overs. The 2014 total budget was then reported following with the agenda for the year.


The agenda did not vary, items were all geared towards infrastructure maintenance, improving and strengthening the health and education systems and other major projects such as the improvement and establishment of hospitals, teachers’ and nurses’ colleges.


The minister echoed to each of them, the government’s focus on improving all the 600 plus LLGs from the 24 provinces.


So far, he has approved 12 provincial budgets, adding that he is satisfied with the outcome.


The minister announced that Simbu Province for the last 3 years has ranked number one in terms of budget implementation, management and accountability.


Mr. Polye went ahead and approved the Simbu budget valued at K232.3 million.


He also approved funding assistance worth K28 million for the Simbu Limestone project.


Simbu Governor, Noah Kul, rejoiced saying it had been a great struggle to maintain the top rank.


Governor Kul said the province lacked resources to generate internal revenue; therefore, his government has been very careful with the yearly provincial government budgets.


He said now with full government backing, the provincial government is stepping out of its comfort zone to partner with investors to shift the province another step higher.


In the meantime, other provincial budget approvals made today were;


Western Province – K346.5 million


Morobe ……………. – K371.6 million


Gulf………………….. – K200 million


Enga Province….. – K323.4 million


Madang……………. – K239 million


So far, a total of 12 provincial government budgets have been approved, all totalling up to over 3 billion kina.


The minister said the 2014 national budget valued at K15.2 billion is in order so far.


He urged the remaining provincial governments and LLGs to make their submissions as soon as possible in order to implement projects earmarked for 2014 effectively.

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