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Polly: Lack of Political Leadership in the Split-up of Anglimp South Waghi Constituency, Jiwaka Province

By Elizah Palme – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Former Anglimp Students Association president Jackson Polly calls on Jiwaka’s political leaders to work together to have the PNG Boundaries Commission consider split of Anglimp South Waghi District in the 10th parliament.

Jackson’s call came after a recent statement by the  Prime Minister Peter O’Neil for a revisit and reconsider of electoral boundaries. He also reitterated Prime Minister’s promise of giving the people of Anglimp and South Waghi their own electorates when he was there to endorse his PNC candidate William Ekip Wii in Minj in August 2012 .

“I am now, calling upon the North Waghi MP and Minister for Petroleum and Energy Fabian Pok and Jimi MP Wake Goi to join forces with Honorable Joe Kuli and Governor William Tongamp to fight for this issue.” Mr Polly said.

Jackson said Governor Tongamp and MP Kuli are well versed with this issue. “Though honorable Kuli is  a new MP, he is not new to this issue, he has given his word to the people of Anglimp South Waghi.”

Jackson reported that in 2011 and 2012, Anglimp Students Association under the presidency of Mr Polly has taken the initivate for the split of Anglimp South Waghi electorate into two different electorates. The initiative, he said, was supported by South Waghi students as well as Jiwaka and Western Highlands Tertiary students. The Aglimp LLG has signed the petitioned in support of the initiative taken by the student, NGO’s and Ecstatic and patriotic citizens of Anglimp South Waghi has expressed their greater support and turned up in great numbers to witness the petitioning of the proposed electorates in Wurup 3 Kona, Anglimp District, Jiwaka Province.

“The students took time during Christmas holidays carrying out awareness covering all centres of the Anglimp South Waghi District for the split of the constituency. Media conferences were held on both EMTV and Kundu 2 (NBC), published through Post Courier and National News Papers and aired through NBC radio and local radio Eagle FM.”

EMTV Online was told that on December 22, 2012, the Anglilmp Students invited Governor William Tongamp and Former MP Joe Koim as newly elected leaders for the new Jiwaka province to attend the closing ceremony of the awareness conducted on the same issue and other issues affecting their constituency and the province, at Anglimp Station.

Polly affirms that on that occasion they have emphasised and address it to their respective leaders with authority to take veracious cause of action, but nothing has been done to date.

“The Governor and Former MP, Joe Koim as promised in front of the students and overwhelming Crowd at Anglimp Station that they will do everything they can to support the separation of the electorate.”

The young leader said, the people of Anglimp South Waghi and Jiwaka are now waiting vigorously to see the promises of Jiwaka leaders come to fruition in this 10th parliament.

“This issue will be our continual fight for our recognition, identity and wellbeing of our future, our children and their children.” Jackson said.

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