Pogera Locals Request Extended Stay of Security Personnel

Leaders and people of the Pogera Valley in the Enga Province are calling for an extension of the call out of 140 police, and soldiers into the district last week.

The National Executive Council (NEC) endorsed the ‘Call Out’ following continuous illegal mining, pay back killings, sexual assaults and abuse of drugs and alcohol in the mining township over the years.


At the launching of the operation, leaders and heads of the disciplinary forces appealed to the people to cooperate, and restore peace and harmony.


One hundred policemen and 40 soldiers, a total of 140 security personnel, were called out to restore peace and normalcy in the mining township of Pogera, in the Enga Province last week.


The call out is for 3 months, however, the local MP and the people are calling for an extension of 1 year.


Mr. Mangape read out the 3 major tasks to be executed during the operation.


He said firstly, anyone found residing near or within the camp site illegally will be forced out of Pogera, secondly, anyone squatting in the township including unemployed relatives of public servants or mine employees will also be forced to leave the mining township, and finally, anyone occupying state land or properties illegally will be forced out as well.


The Director General and other leaders present at the launch called for the immediate restoration of peace in Porgera.


In April 2009, a similar call out was made by the NEC. About 150 security personnel took part in this operation called ‘operation Ipili’. The reasons then were similar to those today- illegal mining, pay back killings, sexual assaults, drug and alcohol abuse.


These activities not only disrupt the mining operations, but it also puts the lives of the employees, public servants and the community at large, at risk.


Heads of the disciplinary forces called on the locals to cooperate and restore lasting peace and normalcy in Pogera and Enga Province.

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