PNG Teachers Capable of Teaching Mathematics and other Subjects in PNG

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A recent graduate of Masters in Philosophy in Education from the Pacific Adventist University, Alice Napasu, says, Papua New Guineans are capable of Teaching Mathematics and other subjects in the country.

Alice, who majored in Mathematics, said the Government’s decision to bring in expatriate teachers into the country is a slap on the face for local teachers.

Alice Napasu is one of two women who graduated on Friday from the Pacific Adventist University. Alice, Majored in Mathematics and received her master’s in Education Philosophy.

She is a former Grade 11 Mathematics teacher. Her inspiration to help teach students better in mathematics was made available when she received a scholarship from PAU.

Her thesis is based on her efforts to improve teaching Mathematics in PNG.

Alice said the recent call by the national government to recruit teachers from India and other countries is unfair, as PNG teachers are capable but have not been given the support by the National Government.

Staycey Yalo

Journalist, Staycey Yalo has been working with EMTV since October, 2017. She graduated in 2017 from the University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. Staycey's experience extends to three years in the Print media covering Politics and Education.

Staycey Yalo

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