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PNG Government Assures Transition from Analogue to Digital TV

State Enterprise Minister, William Duma, has expressed strong government support for Papua New Guinea’s transition from analogue to digital television broadcasting.

Duma was one of the official guests representing shareholders today at the opening of the Pacific Media Partnership Conference, during which regional experts and media practitioners discussed global trends involving the migration to new digital technology, and the role that public broadcasters play within the development of countries in the Pacific.

Duma said in an interview, after his official speech, that the government is committed to removing blockages preventing the slow progression towards high-quality digital broadcasts.

“The government has always remained committed to transition from analogue to digital transmission,” Minister Duma said.

“We have given authorisation to Telikom and EMTV to progress towards digital transmission.

“We are not looking at short term benefits. We are looking at the long term benefits for our people.”

For Papua New Guinea, the  hurdles of creating appropriate legislations, bureaucracy and standardisation of technology remain challenges that are being ironed out by PNG’s regulating body, NICTA, industry players and the national government.

Analogue to digital  migration creates various opportunities for existing free-to-air television broadcasters in Papua New Guinea. The benefits include better quality and more content.

“Transitioning from analogue to digital terrestrial transmission and over-the-top approach to broadcasting which allows viewers to watch what they want to watch in the highest transmission quality possible is not too far around the corner,” says EMTV CEO,  Bhanu Sud.

“EMTV has been the first media organisation (in PNG) to deliver an integrated multi-platform delivery service.

“Media in PNG is strong and there is a growing middle class here hungry for information and factual news from both in country and abroad.”

Developments in Papua New Guinea reflect part of a larger trend  throughout the Pacific in analogue to digital television broadcasting.

Smaller Pacific nations could take portions of the PNG example and use in their own path towards full  migration.

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