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Baisu Jail Road Needs Urgent Upgrade

The main road leading to the Baisu Correctional institution outside Mt Hagen City has deteriorated and needs urgent upgrading and road sealing.

Baisu Jail Commander, Chief Superintendent, Timbi Kaugla says it is a shame local MP’s and the provincial government are ignoring one such an important National Institution in their province.

The road not only serves the prisoners and warders and their families, but also serves more than three thousand local in surrounding areas.

It is also the road, which leads to the famous Kuk heritage site, which attracts local and international tourists every year.

But the road condition itself is worse.

“The Provincial Government not at one time came to an assistance. The clear indication is our road from Confarm to Baisu, very poor since about 10 to 15 years. There’s no funding for Baisu, although it is a National institution, the Provincial Government suppose to take ownership of the institution,” Kaugla said.

The road is not sealed, and has big potholes and drains.

When it rains, traffic does not flow.

This is one factor that is causing damage to prison vehicles.

The frequent vehicle servicing is costing Baisu Jail big money.

Money that can be used for other operations is being used to fix their vehicles.

Despite being close to the City, the road condition is also a factor for Warders to bring prisoners late to attend their court cases.

Jail Commander Kaugla is appealing for local MP’s in the Province and the Western Highlands Provincial Government to contribute and upgrade the Baisu road.

Kaugla said the prison and the surrounding communities are being ignored for many years with less development in the area.

By Vasinatta Yama, EMTV News, Mt Hagen

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