PNG Customs to roll out new ‘Supermarket Approach’ at Wutung Border

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By Stanley Ove Jr – EMTV News, Port Moresby

A new approach in cargo management and clearance will be implemented at the Wutung Land Border Port once it opens before the end of the year.

Called the ‘Supermarket Approach’, this system developed by PNG Customs Service will better cater for goods coming in and out of the country using specific conditions that are set to improve customs accounting and clearance.

Developed under the compliance and cargo management division of PNG Customs, the new policy will act as a guideline with specific conditions to improve the flow of goods in and out of the country.

“The Supermarket Approach that we have developed is to better cater for goods that are brought to and from Indonesia. Under this approach we have specific conditions that act as guidelines to this new system,” said customs officer Trevor Kitao.

Although similar to the current arrangements of cargo clearance, the ‘supermarket approach’ will tighten up certain areas that are in need of improvement. These areas include the one passenger one consignment and the goods allowance for passengers.

“The basic condition is that different goods brought in by an individual will be under one consignment. These goods will be assessed using the tariff classification and taxed accordingly,” said Kitao

“Goods under one consignment that is worth between K1 to K1000 will have no tax. Only if it is K1000 and above, it will be taxed using the tariff classification system,” said Kitao.

The ‘supermarket approach’ will be fully implemented once the Wutung Land Border Facility is opened mid this year.

Stanley Ove Jnr.

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Stanley Ove Jnr.

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