PNG, 2nd Recipient of Israel’s Water Purification Unit

Caesarea based G.A.L Water technologies LTD is an experienced company’specialised in supplying water treatment systems to help curb water treatment issues and cleantech not only in Israel but worldwide.

In its 20 years of operations, the company has gained rich experience on delivering better services that become very helpful in meeitng the required demands of its clients.

The company’specialised in delivering comprehensive solutions for water issues provides solutions based on various advanced technologies that can adapt well to the requirements of the clients and comply well with the regulations of the specific country.

In February 2015, the company launched its unique water purification system called the ‘GalMobile ’. GalMobile is described to be an innovative, independent and integrated water purification system that provides safe water for drinking from any source at anytime and anywhere.

After its launching in February, in March, the company’sent its first new water purification system unit to the Marshall Islands to rescue the locals from water shortage issue upon request by the island nations President Christopher Loeak.

This has saved many locals in Marshall Islands providing safe drinking water.

Like Marshall Island, Papua New Guinea will also receive its don’tion as announced by Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

The announcement of the don’tion was made in Jerusalem by the foreign ministry as a don’tion to help curb effects of the lasting drought experienced in the country.

This is the second don’tion made by the Israel Foreign Ministry with GalMobile unit to help places experiencing water shortages in the South Pacific as a whole.

So far, Marshall Island is the first recipient and now followed by Papua New Guinea.

According to the Israel Press, the water treatment system will provide villagers with up to 8, 000 glasses of drinkable water per hour.

This will help the country in particular, areas where drought effects are still felt and provide safe water for drinking as well other use. 

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