Public Mourning For Democracy

With only two members in opposition, there is now concern from the public about the path parliament is heading.

In typical PNG fashion, a group outside the nation’s capital today mourned for the loss of democracy.


Covered in red earth, the group said for the sake of Democracy, a strong opposition is needed for checks and balances. We found the group outside the city precincts, here at Laloki.


Their faces covered with red earth, significant to the highlands of PNG, during times of mourning. But this time, they were not grieving for a dead relative but rather for the death of Democracy.


They made it clear, that they were in no way taking sides with the opposition.


Rather they fear the very democratic essence of having a Westminster system is declining. That there won’t be any checks and balances in place.


They say they are not sure why all the Opposition MPs have left, leaving only three. One of them suggested, it may be the dividends from the LNG that is enticing the MPs.


But right now, they are hoping for divine intervention, for a strong opposition to be set up again.

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