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Prime Minister James Marape is returning home following the conclusion of his successful overseas travels.

Marape had met key leaders of the world’s leading economies and was able to establish dialogue of trade and growth for Papua New Guinea.

After concluding the US-Pacific Island Country summit at the White House on Thursday September 30th, 2022 with US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Marape was content that key bilateral dialogues and conversations were established with world’s leading economic powers.

Prime Minister James Marape had said that making connections with these highest offices on earth is indeed positive for the nation’s aspirations to advance as country and for United States of America.

The bilateral talks were targeted at education, employment and business opportunities for PNG citizens and business products.

“It is the role of our nation’s leader to set the vision, goals and objectives and establish bilateral connections” Marape said.

“I have lobbied for market of our produces and work opportunities for our people in USA, UK and Australia amongst other bilateral matters.” Marape stated.

It is high time now that relevant ministers and state departments and citizens of Papua New Guinea must see this trajectory and translate our Leader’s vision into reality.

The Prime Minister stated that 300million people in the US are drinking coffee, this is huge potential and if our coffee growers grow coffee, we can supply this market and other markets. 

The PM further stated. “Let us all work for our PNG and if you don’t know where to work, again using coffee’s current price of K700 per bag, if a family with land produces 20 bags, that’s about K14,000.

You do your mathematics, if all our rural families go back to land and all districts supports this agriculture business vision, our country will be on its way towards richness.” said Marape.

According to the Prime Minister it is in the best interest of our nation that vital links such as these bilateral ties are established and that it provides the perfect impetus for our people to go back to their land and be productive and not to depend on free handouts.

The biggest assets we have are land and sea, citizens of Papua New Guinea must start working on their land.

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