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By Mortimer Yangharry

Wabag Open MP and Health Minister Dr Lino Tom urged his people to work hard on the land as those who seek free handouts from the government are lazy people and a contributing factor towards the escalating corruption in the country.

Minister Lino highlighted the opening of the K13.5 million AUSAID funded Wabag Market last week as one of the most important infrastructural project initiated by the Wabag District Development Authority (WDDA) that will economically empower the people when they bring in their fresh produce into the central market to sell.

The Chairman of WDDA highlighted that the public that once the reopening of the Porgera gold mine comes into full effect, the mine will buy local produce directly from the people.

Minister Lino encouraged the people to work hard on their land as he has opened up rural road networks to enable the people bring in their fresh produce to sell.

The second term MP also elaborated on plans for the district to buy fresh produce directly from the people and store in the K7 million Wabag Depot for local and international markets.

The K7 million Wabag Depot is nearing completion that will also house a cooling and storage facility fully funded by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA).

The medical surgeon turned politician reminded the people not to unnecessary waste their time and follow him around for free handouts as he won’t entertain lazy people who do not work hard on the land but try to steal public funds from the government.

The People’s Party parliamentary leader announced an additional funding of K500,000 to the Wabag SME Women Association who have been tasked to take charge of the management and operations of the new market.

Veteran Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas also committed an additional K500,000 while Finance and Planning Minister Hon.Rainbo Paita assured immediate funding of K2 million to the Wabag Women SME Associations which has already been secured.

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