Parents Upset: Girls Labelled Triple Six

Parents of two girls, who were falsely accused of being injected at Boreboa Primary on Wednesday, have expressed disappointment at how their daughters are being treated.

They say their daughters have been labelled ‘triple six’ by their peers. The parents clarified that the girls were picked on, because they acted scared. They were not injected, in any way, by anyone.


Parents and relatives of the two girls, falsely accused of being injected, came to EMTV this morning to tell their side of the story. This is them on Wednesday; they were forced to stand in the middle of the assembly area by the over-emotional crowd of parents and onlookers. Unfortunately for the girls, their own parents hadn’t arrived at the school yet when the commotion occurred.


Both Sharon and Quinda are in grade 2. They are not related, but their families are neighbors at Morata. Quinda’s father, Peter Ove, confirmed that the girls had not been administered, any injections of any kind. He said it was ironic that people who don’t even go to church or read the bible, were the first to point the finger.


Sharon’s mother appealed for the public to stop the name calling, which her daughter and her friend were just scared at the time, that’s why they were crying.


Meanwhile, Trophy house has confirmed the vehicle that arrived moments later after the incident, belongs to them. They were in fact there to deliver sports equipment. They say it was a traumatic experience for them. It was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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