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June 13, 2021
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Pangu Party says they will stand with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

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By Adelaide Sirox Kari – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The Pangu Party says they will stand with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during a looming Vote of No Confidence. Party Leader Sam Basil and Deputy, William Samb, saying the party’s 14 members are intact and ready to stand-by the Prime Minister.

The Member for Bulolo, and PANGU Party Leader, once a staunch opponent of the Prime Minister, today offered his undivided support to the Government under the leadership of Peter O’Neill.

Sam Basil today iterated there was no need for a Vote of No Confidence. 

Deputy Party Leader, and Member for Goilala William Samb, also offering his support for the Government and brushing off comments on social media that he would lead the southern Pangu MP’s.

The comments comes from the a political party, since its move to join government, has also seen disagreements within the party executives.

However, today the party Leader put all that aside, saying all 14 party member stood firm with government.

When asked about the 8 MP’s that were rumoured to have decided to join the opposition, Basil pointed to the Eastern Block MP’s.

At a separate occasion today, United Resource Party Leader William Duma, has also pledged his support to Peter O’Neill. Duma saying Government is intact and they have the numbers leading into the VONC, United Resource Party having 4 MP’s in total in Government.

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