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Pacific Jewel Ready for APEC Delegates

By Elizabeth Guka, EMTV Cadet Journalist -Student

The delegation coming in for the APEC Leaders and CEO Summit in Papua New Guinea will be accommodated on one of the three luxury cruise liners which arrived in Port Moresby over the weekend.

The P&O Pacific Jewel will play host to all participants from the different 21 APEC member economies, as well as the media.

Upon its arrival (10 November, 2018), the P&O Pacific Jewel has already taken in some of the participants of the APEC Summit.

The cruise liner was chartered by Australia to assist in providing a world class accommodation and meeting venue for the major event.

PNG’s Minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, confirms that the Pacific Jewel will accommodate the participants, as well as the media, particularly the international media organisations.

Carnival Australia, the cruise liner’s company, has also charted three other ships to assist PNG in providing accommodation for the APEC delegation.

The two other P&O cruise ships which are yet to arrive in Port Moresby, in the coming days, include the Pacific Explorer, as well as the Sea Princess.

The Minister responsible has expressed his gratitude towards the P&O company for providing the cruise ships as venues for accommodation and meetings during APEC.

Meanwhile, the three ships will be stationed at the main wharf in Port Moresby, the nations capital, within the APEC maritime security zones.

Also, the participants, upon their arrival on the cruise ships, will be electronically registered through a unique face recognition system.

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