Pacific American Climate Change Program Launch

Natural disasters resulting from the effects of Climate Change, is an expensive exercise for the government of Papua New Guinea.


This was announced by Executive Director for Office of Climate Change and Developments, Varigini Badira, during the official launch of the Pacific American Climate Change Program, in Port Moresby today.

The program will be focusing on simple adaption measures, which Pacific Islanders may use, to minimize the effects of climate change in the already affected areas.


The grant is funded by the United Sates Agencies for International Development or US AID.


The Program Facility is a huge investment for the region, and the grant will support the United States’ Government Development Objectives to the Pacific.


Its first objective is to Improve Water Resources and Management; under this objective, PACCP aims to support natural resources, to decrease the vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.


The second objective is; Livelihood Development and Income Diversification. Since all Pacific nations depend on tourism, fisheries and agriculture, PACCP will be providing funds to support these activities.


The grant has three categories with one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, for local and non-governmental organizations.


Between one hundred and fifty thousand to one million US dollars for established Civil Society Organization, will be operating locally or internationally, and from one million to three million US dollars for established Financial Organizations. 


The period of grants for each category may vary, but will not exceed over 36 months.


Climate change is real and the effects are wide-ranging. According to Prof. Chalapn Kuluwin from UPNG’s School of Natural Sciences, over twenty metres of land will be eaten up by sea in the next twelve months, if we continue to pollute the Ozone layer.

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