Japanese Ambassador on Importance of Cultural Preservation

by Mickey Kavera – EM TV, Port Moresby

The Japanese Embassy in Port Moresby through its culture programs is educating Papua New Guinea’s about the Japanese Culture.

Japans Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Morio Matsumoto, encouraged all Papua New Guinean’s to learn about the Japanese Culture to broaden their thinking.

Tanabata, or star festival, is celebrated once every year during the summer season in Japan.

It is one of the many Japanese festivals hosted by the Japanese Embassy to give Papua New Guinea’s a glimpse into the Japanese culture.

Japanese Ambassador, Morio Matsumoto, and his wife, Yoko Matsumoto, treated guests to a taste of the Tanabata Festival.

Ambassador Matsumoto emphasised the importance of cultural preservation.

He says, Papua New Guinea’s must learn to co-exist with their culture in this day of modernization.

Papua New Guinea has a lot to learn from Japan on how to develop while retaining its culture and not losing it.

Festival’s such as Tanabata restores and reaffirms Japans Unique culture and Ambassador Matsumoto encouraged those present to promote their own cultural festivals in their own way.

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