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On Field Violence in Ipatas Cup

Two teams fromthe Ipatas Cup competition, OK Raiders and Kuma Cowboys will facethe penalty for on field violence inthe Jiwaka leg played in Benz overthe weekend.

Due tothe clash between both teams,the Jiwaka leg ofthe competition ended prematurely.

Chairman ofthe Southern Leg judiciary and officials ofthe Coca Cola Ipatas Cup are disgraced bythe actions of both teams and say such actions will not be tolerated inthe competition.

The Ipatas cup is a breeding ground for players in such clubs asthe Enga Mioks andthe competition itself played a big part in trying to promote “non-violence” inthe game.

CEO Timothy Lepa also condemnedthe violence caused inthe Jiwaka Leg last weekend in Benz, Western highlands between OK Raiders and Kuma Cowboys.

The purpose ofthe CCIC competition is to promotethe code in rural areas so that unknown talents can be identiflied.

Beth clubs have already damagedthe image ofthe CCIC competition and have let downthe sponsors who have pumped in huge support financially and in kind.

A judicial decision is yet to be made onthe future of both teams inthe competition.

Sophie Yaruso, Trukai Sport

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