Olsem Wanem – Episode 21, 2014

In this episode:


We look at the impacts of urbanization, and how the country is dealing with the issues it brings.

We also feature the Government’s proposed housing scheme in partnership with BSP, as well as the relocation of Paga Hill Settlers. 


Lack of basic infrastructure and services, and the deterioration in economic conditions around the country are a contributing factor to people migrating from rural to urban areas.


 There are also challenges in rapid urbanization and increase in population growth. Some of these challenges include.


  1. Inadequate housing and overcrowding;
  2. Competition of water and land;
  3. Inadequate sanitation, air and water pollution;
  4. Poverty and deprivation and natural disasters;
  5. Crime and diseases;
  6. Environmental degradation;

We also take a look at the relocation of Paga Hill Settlers by the Paga Hill Development Company.


The Paga Hill Development Company has gone out of its way to relocate people and provide water, electricity and is also giving them a land title to the land they have been relocated to.

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