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July 28, 2021

Off Grid Solar Lights For PNG

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Over half a million Papua New Guineans living in off-grid electricity areas or parts of the country without electricity, will soon have access to off grid solar lights.

Thanks to the recent launch of the International Finance Corporations’ project known as Lighting Papua New Guinea.


The project is aimed to educate people to purchase safe and affordable solar lightings. According to the Lighting Papua New Guinea Project Report, 6.3 million people do not have access to electricity.


This ranks PNG as one of the nations with the lowest electrification rate in the Pacific Region. With frequent power outages experienced in almost all provinces, this can be seen as an alternative to provide power.


These off-grids solar lights once fully-charged, can last up to four days, and are safer to use, compared to traditional lighting fuels like fire.


Amongst the many benefits, students in off grid electricity areas can do studies in the night using these lights; these products are of international standards and are durable.


A marketing campaign will be conducted in August to further educate customers on solar lighting. They will be distributed through major outlets like Origin and Brian Bell.

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