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December 7, 2021
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No Response to Angau Cancer Facility Needs

Image: Patients at the ANGAU Cancer Ward


There still hasn’t been any response from the National Health Department, or the Health Minister on the state of the Angau Cancer Treatment facility.

EMTV has tried to make contact with the Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase, but there hasn’t been any response.

The Angau Cancer treatment facility is operating without a Chief Oncologist, there is no CT scan and there are 25 cancer patients still waiting for treatment.

There is a public outcry for Health Authorities to respond to the needs of the Angau cancer treatment facility. It is the only referral centre in the country that does not have an oncologist to treat patients.

Last week, 25 patients still waiting at the wards for treatment spoke up, calling for the return of veteran oncologist Dr. John Niblett.

Last Saturday, the family of  late cancer patient Winnie Solien, were preparing to bury her on Monday; she and her husband went to Lae for treatment in December.

She waited for two months before she was treated by two trainee oncologists. She passed away last week Wednesday, leaving eight children and her husband behind.

Jerry Solien and his family now have no mother, for them it will be a long journey without her support, but there will be more families that will lose loved ones if the problem isn’t fixed quickly.


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