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“LYC DART COMP ROUND 2” – Sylvester Gawi


The SP Brewery and Lae Yacht Club dart competition will head into round two tonight, with four more teams competing for a finals spot.


Teams playing tonight are Mainland Holdings, Boroko Motors, Lae Yacht Club and BNG Trading. In round one, Boroko Motors team 1 defeated SP Brewery team 2 to book a spot in the finals.


Competition organizer, Sinan Bitchel, says interest among the players has been growing and they are hoping to see more new players taking on the challenge. Tonight’s champion team will join Boroko Motors team 1 in the winners’ circle, awaiting the finals in three weeks’ time.



It’s a game that brings friendship and unites different tribes, even being used by early missionaries to spread the holy word.


However, the sport has been losing prominence over the past two decades, and the people of Alukuni village in Hood lagoon, Central Province, are now trying to revive the code again.


The game brings unity, peace and corporation, and strengthens Christian values. 


But in recent decades, the sport has lost its prominence.


Realising this, Veari Maha, a senior public servant in Port Moresby, is adamant in reviving the code again in his village.


Mr Maha who used his own resources to bring about said he has a dream of reviving the code again in Central province.


Alukuni Women’s Cricket Association President, Raimo Amini, said she hopes one day this association will produce PNG cricketers.  


Mr Maha is appealing to politicians in Central Province to back up the idea.


Last Saturday, women played their first formal match as a lead up to proper season.


After the games, consolation prizes were given to best pitchers, betters, and participating teams.


The association has six men and women’s team.


Cricket is popular in the village, currently three PNG Barramundis representatives; brothers Christopher and Charles Amini and Assad Vala are from this coastal Rigo village.

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