Human Ignorance Puts Turtle Lives At Risk

Effects of global warning and climate change are not only affecting human lives. The population and livelihoods of turtles is being challenged every day.

More turtles are being killed each year and many more die by feeding on human created wastes like plastics.


Research and Observations carried out by local marine specialist, Job Opu, reveals that three out of one hundred turtles born around the same time, survive to maturity age.


This poses a possible treat to turtles and if human continue to pollute the sea with empty plastics and bottle containers, the number of turtles dying is likely to increase.


There are six to seven pieces of turtles found in PNG water including the largest turtle in the world, the Leather Back turtles.


Leather Back turtles can grow up to two meters long and weighs five hundred grams.


The Huon Gulf in Morobe province is the second highest area in the world that most Leather back turtles return to at maturity age, to lay eggs.


The responsibility to care for our marine life is on every PNG citizen.

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