New Caledonia Congress elects 11 ministers

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New Caledonia’s Congress has elected an 11-member government for a five-year term but is yet to choose its president.

The government is made up of representatives of the four-party lists which share the 11 positions in proportion to their number of seats in the Congress.

The anti-independence Future with Confidence coalition has five ministers, the two pro-independence lists have combined five ministers and the anti-independence Caledonia Together party has one seat.

The 11 ministers are now due to meet under the auspices of the French High Commissioner to elect a president.

If none of the 11 secures at least six votes, the new government won’t be properly constituted and the old government will stay on in a caretaker mode.

In the lead-up to today’s government election, none of the 11 was able to get the backing of at least six members.



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