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By Samantha Solomon

A total of 31 National Education Board members have been officially sworn in by the Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro and the principal lawyer for the Department of Education Dominic Maelin.

Of the 31 members that were sworn in, 16 of them were alternate members and 15 are full members.

Secretary for Education DR Uke Kombra thanked the minister for having trust in these members and appointing them.

He said, all the Board members have been elected on merit basis.

Minister Uguro upon delivering his keynote speech encouraged the board members to think outside of the box and to take the education department forward.

He further elaborated on the way forward in the next fifty years for the education system.

The swearing in of each of the 31 members was conducted by the lawyer for the department of education Dominic Maelin and Minister Uguro. The first person to be sworn in was the chairman Dr Uke Kombra.

These 31 board members will be in the office for the next five years which is from the year 2023 to 2026.

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