Naru: Government Planning For New Fire Stations

Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru says funding for new Lae Fire stations will be allocated next year. 

It’s understood that the National Government was supposed to allocate around K300 million for improving the Lae Fire Service.


Improvements to the Lae Fire Service will be delayed for another year, because the National and Provincial Government haven’t allocated funds.


Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru says funding for two new Fire stations and trucks haven’t been allocated, by either of the Provincial or National governments. “The Prime Minister was very receptive, but he wants a program for the whole country”, says Governor Naru.


This means the Government will allocate money next year, while the Lae Fire Service continues to work under difficult conditions. It’s under equipped and continues to face capacity problems, it needs new trucks and equipment.


“So, I think the Government is planning and improving a service program for the whole country and Lae,” says Governor Naru.

Earlier this year, The Brian Bell News Centre and a Pelgens Warehouse were destroyed by fire. On Saturday, Fire fighters weren’t able to save two Color Pack buildings, the recycling room and the warehouse.


But, Fire fighters again used what resources they had and saved the main office.

Flammable liquids, stored in the warehouse had fueled the fire that engulfed the other buildings.

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