Namah warns three Judges

Peter O’Neill and Belden Namah are not giving their fight to hold a special Parliament sitting. Again at yesterday morning, there was no quorum as only 24 MP’s turned up.

The scenes of MP’s moving into parliament yesterday played out much like Tuesdays. Some minutes past 10, and the entrance to the state function room was their first port of call.

In the chambers only a few MP’s present, all the while the Media got word that the Gazzetal for parliament to hold a special sitting was not authorised by the Governor General. There was no signature.

By the time acting speaker Francis Marus entered the chambers there were only 23 MPs on the floor of parliament. Not enough for a quorum. Those present decided to wait, hoping for a miracle, that just maybe more mps might arrive to get the 55 MP requirements.

Hands were on calling mode, most likely checking up on the where abouts of the needed man power.By one o’clock there

was a call for a media conference instead at the state function room.It seems O’neills team is not going to give up, they will continue to try and muster the numbers needed to form a quorum.

In a media conference later Belden Namah warned the three judges presiding over Monday’s Supreme Court decision that they have less than 16 hours to step down. Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah issued a warning to the three judges that ruled in favour of Sir Michael Somare being the legitimate prime minister.

Mr. Namah also called on Fred Yakasa to stop impersonating the police commissioner. And because there is only a day left till the close of nominations, the special sittings will most likely be staged next week.

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