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Namah Calls SOE “A Scam”

Opposition leader Belden Namah is describing the State of Emergency as a ‘SCAM’.

Namah says the SOE is a public health issue and not a law and order operation.

 He also pointed out that there is inconsistency in testing results, and announcements made from the National Operations Centre.

 The Opposition leader says the Government is not making decisive strategies to protect the people who are the vulnerable resource of the country.

The Opposition leader was alone today while expressing his disappointment of the State of Emergency. He described the whole SOE as a scam to benefit a handful of individuals.

He says the SOE is a ‘Public Health Issue’ and not a law and order operation.

Namah wants the curfew to cease.

With the Controller, Prime Minister, Police Minister and Health Minister making announcements of testing, report of PPE’s among other, Namah says there is inconsistency in information released to the public.

The Opposition leader says this proves that the PNG has no capacity to tests all Persons of Interest.

With the Government clamping down on “Contact Tracing’, Namah says funding should be focus to support medical institutions.

The Opposition leader took no chances and bluntly blamed the Government of making poor decisions for the State of Emergency.

Namah says the Government is not responding to COVID-19 but reacting.

He wants an audit into the SOE operations.

By Jack Lapauve jnr, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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