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Growing your own food in your backyard may seem like hard work to most people, but its simple and can improve your health, according to a 42-year-old mother of three and a resident of Lae, Dorothy Jack.

Dorothy said her backyard garden has supported her during the 14-day-lockdown in Lae following the COVID-19 SOE orders.

Dorothy Jack has been growing her own food at her backyard since 2015.

She said it has supported her and her family since then.

She was amazed by how much her garden had provided for her and her family, and there was even a lot to share with her neighbours.

Dorothy also shares the surplus that she harvest to her neighbours residing at Doyle Street of Eriku in Lae.

Dorothy and her family have been growing Banana, taro and other vegetables that sustained them during the 14-day-lockdown in the city following the first COVID-19 case in Lae.

Her backyard garden had supported them with healthy vegetables when her husband was laid off from work.

As the SOE orders extended, people now realised the importance of producing enough good healthy food for consumption.

Subsistance Farmers from the rural villages of Morobe said there are a lot of food growing in the villages that can be supplied to the city to sell.

NARI’s Director General, Dr. Sergie Bang also confirmed that rice can now be grown just like other food crops by the rural population in PNG for their own consumption.

By Julie Badui Owa, EMTV News, Lae


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