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April 10, 2021
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Mushrooms are important for the Growth of Trees

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Not only do mushrooms convert poisons or rotten substances into medicinal compounds but they play a big role in growing forests.

Bill Hibiri describes the relationship between trees and mushrooms as friends.

Scientifically they share a symbiotic relationship called mycorrhizae.

In reforestation when you see limited mushrooms around trees, the trees will not grow properly.

Mr. Habiri said, “Mushrooms grow on the forest bottom and they work on the decaying leaves and other twigs and other things and break them down.”

This makes available nutrients for the tree roots to feed.

Bill Habiri emphasized that the importance of this relationship is that the mushroom makes available the phosphorous, which helps the trees to grow.

If we promote mushroom growth along with reforestation, we can be able to maximize tree growth and tree health.


This content is supported with funding from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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