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September 23, 2021
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Mushroom Farming in PNG Has Great Potential

Mushroom farming in Papua New Guinea has yet to reach its full potential.

One farmer in the Eastern Highlands Province says there is literally no one growing mushrooms in the country apart from the natural resource people.

According to a Mushroom farmer, Bill Habiri, mushrooms are medicinal organisms and put value into agricultural waste.

It even has the potential of generating income by the thousands even for farmers in rural settings.

Mushroom farmer, Bill Habiri said, “Mushroom farming has a very big revenue potential that will be able to help farmers generate income and help themselves.”

However, mushrooms are not promoted enough to actually reach out to our people to participate in the industry.

A chemist by profession, Bill Habiri, and wife, Yesmine have a desire to help farmers tap into this soon to be booming industry.

Mr. Habiri has been doing research on mushroom species, both edible and medicine but more specifically medicinal ones and is working on developing a seed bank.

Mushrooms grow on agricultural waste so they utilize waste from coffee, rice, wheat, and sogum, therefore, giving business to farmers who grow those products.

Once a tube is fully colonized and sprinkled with water out in the light it grows every hour until it is fully used up.

Mr. Habiri said, “There is a big market in the province, in the country and can put money back into the pockets of farmers because it can be farmed in any rural setting.”

This content is supported with funding from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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