MP Furious about Landowners Threatening to Shut Down Mine

The Member for Laiagam Porgera, Nixon Mangape, is furious about a landowner group threatening to shut downthe Porgera Mine.


He saidthe actions bythe Porgera Mt Kare Young Generation did not follow due process.

Asthe elected member representingthe people of Porgera, he said nether his office northe Enga provincial government was consulted.


Mr. Mangape also served asthe chairman ofthe Porgera Development Authority,the only organization that manages landowner development grants.


Beingthe chairman of Pogera Development Authority, Mr. Mangape said Porgera is different from ther mining projects in terms of landowner benefits.


He stressed that as far as he is concerned,the government does not owe any money to PorgeraLandowners.


However,the group that has presentedtheir demand to government’saysthe government has less than a week to respond or facethe consequences.


They wantthe government to paythem an amount close to 10 million kina for two project proposal thatthey have submitted.


For now,the member is invitingthe landowner group for futher discussions.

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