Morobe Provincial Government Petition Resolution

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By Martha Louis – EM TV News, Lae 

Today is the fourth forum the Morobe Provincial Government has held in response to the demands of a petition presented to them last Tuesday.

Jasper Jema, one of the facilitators of the protest last Tuesday, said so far they are pleased with the provincial government’s response.

He says unlike 2011, the provincial government has responded positively to concerns raised.

The Morobe Provincial Government leaders today gathered at the St Martin field at Papuan Compound to address the people.

During the forum, Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru, highlighted the government’s response to the demands presented in the petition.

The petition is in three parts; the short, medium and long term measures.

So far the provincial government has given K2 million to implement a total ban on street vending.

This K2 million is part of the short-term measures taken by the provincial government.

But there are concerns that the provincial government may not be able to implement its strategies.

Jema, wants to know if there is money budgeted for the implementation of the medium and long term measures.

The provincial leaders’ response to the demands follows a protest march last week by locals to crack down on street vending and petty crimes in the city.

The protestors, in a three-page petition, outlined nine demands for the provincial government to act upon within seven days.

So far there is a general consensus that the provincial government has addressed many of their concerns.

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