Minister on Girl shot dead by Police

Police Minister Nickson Duban has orderedthe Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga and his two deputies to immediately investigate and arrest officers involved inthe killing ofthe 12 year old girl.

This incident which happened in Port Moresby two weeks ago was brought to his attention on Thursday inthe form of a petition by angry relatives.

From his office atthe Police Headquarters in Konedobu, Mr Duban condemnedthe killing and saidthe department cannot tolerate such behaviour from policemen and women anymore.

He said he is disappointed that this incident took place just two weeks afterthe police modernisation program was launched and he will get tough on this.

He has directedthe police commissioner to immediately carry out investigations into this incident and a report be made available.

He futher said he will directthe commissioner to revisitthe constabulary’s standard operating procedures regardingthe use of firearms to prevent such killings in future.

A petition was presented to police with demands of compensation and to arrest and chargethe rogue police officers involved inthe shooting.

When asked ifthe department was ready to respond to parts ofthe petition that called for financial assistance and compensation, Minister Duban said he will look into it afterthe investigation is completed and a full report is before him.

He has conveyed his sympathies tothe family and relatives of late Feline Bene, who was killed in a police shoot out two weeks ago and assuredthe relatives thatthe perpetrators would be brought to justice.

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