Health warning: Meat Vending Dangerous

Health officials warn thatthe sale of frozen meat and fish in public places without proper refrigeration is dangerous to consumers.

Betthe Health Department is not mandated to stop such practices, though new measures are now being devised.

Bet notthe mandate to stop it been sold in public places.

Mr. Dakulala says it isthe responsibility of respective provincial health officers to implementthe laws restricting this practice.

There is potential health risk and dangerous for consumers says senior Environmental Health Officer Rose Kavanamur. She says more awareness must be carrlied out to educate consumers on its effects.

Head of Health Promotion and Education Lindsay Piliwas say public health is compromised through such practice. And owners of those goods must be held responsible.

Howeverthe current public health act of 1973 does not address most ofthese issues.

Betthere is hope inthe new act currently under review say legal officer Margaret Asinimbu.

Mickey Kavera, National EMTV News–XWQs00%3Ffeature%3Doembed%26wmode%3Dopaque%26showinfo%3D0%26showsearch%3D0%26rel%3D0

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