Malolo Estate Flooded

Rainfall in the Nation’s Capital is becoming a problem for city residents.

Residents in the Malolo Estate at 8 mile, outside Port Moresby, have feared the worst, especially with developments taking place in the area.

Malolo Estate situated outside Port Moresby, like so many other places in the nation’s capital, has continuously suffered from developments taking place.

Residents at the Malolo Estate, stage 2, have waited so long for assistance after so many letters and emails to the National Superannuation Fund, who is the original proprietor of the estate.

The road leading into residential houses in the area has experienced flooding during heavy down pours and continuous running of water from a natural spring which was diverted by development to the area, is eating away the bitumen road.

Long time resident Raj Ralavu Rai said the road problem has been going on for almost five years and although the community has received some feedback from the relevant authority, nothing has been done.

Residents are concerned as the continuous running of water is a health hazard for their families. Home owners who have put their houses on rent are losing clients, and vehicle owners are also concerned as getting in and out of the drive way is becoming a problem.

Residents are requesting a better drainage system for the area to relieve them of the continuous flooding and flowing water, and say that a response from authorities and quick action would be appreciated.

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