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Madang Public Applaud Police for Drop in Crime Rate

By Rachel Shisei – EMTV News, Madang

The Madang public have expressed satisfaction and gratitude towards the Madang police officers for keeping law an order under control for 3 months now.

Kidnapping, rapes, cold-blooded murders, houses torched to the ground, sea piracy and hot on the list were the robberies both minor and major last year compared to previous years, giving Madang a hot spot on the news. 

 Suprisingly enough, the crime rate has dropped over the last 3 months with the introduction of the police foot beat patrol, especially the new recruits present on the streets in full uniforms, in around the town’s hot spots like the banks and the bus stop areas.

“I applaud the Provincial Police Commander for ordering a foot beat patrol. This must continue so that the once peaceful Madang can be restored,” said Kemes Dogga, a member of the public.

Another member of the public, Debbie Amben said she feels safe going to and from town because the police presence was felt, and would like to encourage the police to keep doing so on behalf of the women and girls of Madang.

Members of the public said they realized the drop in crime as soon as the new PPC, Jacob Singura took office in November last year, and ordered a Pre-Christmas New Year’s operations the very following week.

“We have to go out of our offices. Yes we have a lot to do in the office but the public would want to see us more on the streets,” said the Madang PPC, Jacob Singura back in November, when he took office.

Nonetheless, those travelling from out of town have also realized the positive changes in and around the town areas, and are calling on the government to help beef up police presence along the highways as well.

“We spend nights along the highways on the PMVs and arrive in town the next morning, its risky and we travel with fear,” said Francis Kena, a man from Mikarop in the Bogia District.

PPC Singura in his speech at last year’s handover takeover ceremony made it very clear, that the crime rate can be controlled at all levels, if everyone works together and by together he meant the public and the government leaders included, and not just the police hierarchy.

“If the National Government leaders down the line is coming down good to us, it will show down the line to the community ward levels,” Singura said.


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