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Madang Province without Provincial Administrator

Madang province and the administration has no Provincial Administrator to spend any money or other matters where there is a need for a section 32 officer.

National executive of the Public Employees Association, Mamose Rep, says it is very critical that Madang must have a Provincial Administrator given the global pandemic we are facing.

National Executive of the Public Employees Association, John Bivi, says the serving PA’s term expired on the 21st of February.

SOE Controller, David Manning, appointed Paul Ito Adam as the Madang provincial coordinator for COVID-19 team and not as the Acting Administrator. Ito’s appointment to this role does not give him the power to act as a section 32 officer.

Madang province needs a section 32 officer to sign financial papers for moneys to be released in order for Madang to carry out the work on COVID-19 in the province.

Bivi says, since the National Government is aware of Madang’s situation they need to act quickly in appointing a provincial administrator or an acting PA for that matter.

Bivi is also calling on Madang Governor, Peter Yama, to put aside any political differences and start working together for the people of Madang.

Adding that Coronavirus is a serious matter and it is wise that all parties must work together in terms of the appointment of the new administrator.

Provincial Coordinator for COVID-19 operations in Madang, Mr Paul Ito Adam, says without any PA there is not much work the committee can do in terms of COVID-19 tasks.

Adam says, for now, all they can do is plan and wait for the national government to appoint a provincial administrator.

Otherwise, Madang has no powers in mobilizing resources from provincial administration and the provincial government to assist COVID-19 operations in the province.

For now, the provincial coordinator can only use COVID19 funds that are now available in the PHA trust account.

Adam says, that is all they will be using to try and work with to carry out COVID-19 operations in the province.

Meanwhile all public servants at the Provincial Headquarters have stopped turning up to their offices and are working from home and the State of Emergency.

By Martha Louis – EMTV News – Madang

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