Love Patrol – Season 6

Love Patrol is a soap opera with a serious message intended primarily to educate viewers on the topic of AIDS. It also tackles youth unemployment, police brutality and the hypocrisy of keeping youth uninformed about sex.

It was reported that it explores “the growing issues of high rates of STIs among young people, high teenage pregnancy, lack of discourse on sex and risk taking behaviors’ in Pacific communities”. It has been described as an “edutainment” series.


In this series (10 episodes), a new evangelical pastor seems to be performing miracles; healing the sick, convincing HIV positive Roslyn to throw away her tablets, and even promising George, another pastor that he will walk again.


Pastor Ronald doesn’t believe God works miracles on demand but his congregation is flocking to the new pastor. Money is short for his family but his son has an extraordinary accident that leads to a chance of working overseas. If he can find the money to get there.


Also the police are out looking for two young men who have attacked an off duty police woman and they are determined to teach the young thugs a lesson.

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