Lockyer and Coal

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By Adelaide Sirox Kari – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Darren Lockyer, a name synonymous with Australian Rugby League and a household name in PNG.

But what makes him even closer to PNG in his life after rugby league, is that he is the Head of Business Affairs for Mayur Resources, and this chapter after rugby league has many asking why the Energy Company is using the sport of rugby league, to promote Coal Energy.

EMTV News was able to speak to the Retired Brisbane Broncos star on his business venture in PNG.

Mayur Resources, an Australian-based energy and mineral company is venturing into coal and causing some controversy due to environment and climate change issues associated with coal.

But also causing a stir is the use of rugby league to promote coal in rural areas of Papua New Guinea; Sam Thaiday, sponsored by Mayur, was recently in Eastern Highlands Province for the EHP Super 8 Cup.

Northern Governor, Gary Juffa took to social media to air his frustration before speaking to EMTV News about his views.

Governor Juffa also questioning the government’s intention as PNG has led the fight against climate change, and the reduction of gas emissions.

Meanwhile, Lockyer says he trusts Mayur resources intentions.

Adelaide Sirox Kari

Adelaide's current role in the News Department is as a Political Reporter covering cross-cutting issues on gender based and other social issues,

Adelaide Sirox Kari