Lae Residents: Parents Teach Children Discipline

Members of the Lae Community are calling on parents to teach their children discipline before sending them to Schools.

It comes after another fight on Thursday that resulted in 14 students being arrested. They say discipline starts at News.


The Principal of the school, Tetang Punumpin, refused to allow EMTV to film a meeting that has become public interest. He says the focus has been on Bugandi because of the on-going clashes. But members of the Lae community are fed up with school fights, and want parents to discipline their children.


“Parents need to discipline their children,” says Lae Resident, Kumul Frank.


It follows another clash on Thursday, where police arrested students involved in a fight that spilled onto the Markham road. Parents had to pay five hundred kina each as bail money. It’s understood that some of the children arrested were innocent.


“Government should implement some kind of Law that automatically expels students,” says Lae Resident James Allen.


The latest fight is also another embarrassment for the school. Last week, the Lae Police Boss, the Provincial Magistrate, and other government heads were at the school to launch another awareness program. During the program, authorities said students involved in school fights would be arrested.


“They go to blocks and mobilize their people, and sometimes, they can harm the teacher and even their family,” says Lae Resident, James Mark.


That hasn’t worked, the problem still persists and the public wants the matter resolved because it is developing into an issue affecting the Lae community. For the time being, the school has held a closed-door meeting to discuss with stakeholders solutions to solve the problem. When the solution will be made public to the Lae community, is yet unknown.

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